Gibsons G7030 Dolce di Anni ottanta, Puzzle, 1000 Pezzi



The 80s heralded a new high tech age – computer disks, mobile phones, home computers and camcorders. At that time it was good to find calm comfort amongst familiar sweet brands and those penny chews. While some pack designs moved tentatively from their original format – Bounty bar added a coconut tree – most clung onto the consistency that had made them popular. For instance, Toblerone had retained the same graphics since launch in 1908. Even so, it was in 1990 that Marathon made the dramatic name change to Snickers, and Opal Fruits became Starburst in 1998. Now it is the time to be nostalgic and reminisce with this jigsaw as the pieces from the past fit together once more. Gibsons is a British, family company established in 1919. Gibsons jigsaw puzzles are made from 100% recycled, high quality puzzle board.

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